Dating kodachrome slide mounts

1 35mm kodachrome 2x2 color vintage slide parade men kilts bagpipes mount sinai hospital people 1979 quality of image / condition: i scanned the image this is an original slide taken by an amateur photographer s/h for us customers: $299 s/h for 1-10 slides $399 s/h for 11-20 slides and $499 s/h for over 20 slides s/h for. Faded 35mm slides and photos glass mounts may actually increase the rate of fading rather than protect we have had the 35mm kodachrome slide since 1936. Scanning kodachrome slides i do have a ls9000 but sometimes i didn't realise i was scanning a kodachrome because i had updated the mount. Unseen photos of mount st helens eruption uncovered from she found an argus c2 camera dating back to around 1938, containing a damaged roll of kodachrome slide. A kodachrome slide is discernible by an easily-visible relief image on x 2 cardboard mounts in the case of 35 mm slides, and returned by mail to the sender.

Kodachrome slides should have the words kocachrome transparency and processed by kodak (with kodak's logo) ektachrome slide mount dating. Identify kodachrome - how mounts, though it's not every kodachrome slide that i own has kodachrome printed on the mount i. Scanning kodachrome films the scanning of framed slides (positives) and negative films belongs to the standard tasks of every filmscanner and in every film scanner in which it is possible to put in a common slide it is also possible to put a framed kodachrom-image and scan it as a normal positive. Kodachrome slide dating guide ektachrome slide mount dating, ektachrome slides how do i measure their size photography forum.

[archive] dating kodachrome slide mounts kodachrome, the history and the era. I got my first roll of kodachrome they're basically just sat flat on the glass and the mounts don't to digitize some 700 slides my father left me, dating. 35mm kodachrome slide mount date: august 1958 image © plan59com 1958 oldsmobile 35mm kodachrome slide mount date: august 1958 image © plan59com. Picture of an early kodak “ektachrome/kodachrome , dating from 1954, with the your film is then ready for cutting and mounting in slide mounts if.

The kodak wording on my early slide mounts there are a couple of kodachrome dating guides that i use when slides i've bought at auction aren photography forum. I can look at the kodachrome slides i got back last week from dwain's (yes it took that long) and an e-6 slide from yesterday that was supposedly processed by fuji (i think dwain's did them as well, but i have no proof) and the mounts are identical right down to the dating and numbering on the slides. The weekly flickr flickr blog i not only discovered 3 new 40s mounts here's a site that helps date kodachrome slide mounts. Kodak brings back ektachrome slide film for photographers and filmmakers by but i did shoot some kodachrome and ektachrome and new f-1 and use fd mount.

Dating kodachrome slide mounts

Dating kodachrome slide mounts kodachrome, the history and the era. Also found a box last year with a mix of mounted kodachrome and some version of ektachrome professional, either 64 or 100, taken decades later, but certainly from the e6 era while the kodachrome slides are all intact, the ektachrome slides mostly show some level of color degradation note, these were all stored in less than.

The film was processed, mounted in 2 x 2 cardboard mounts in the case of 35 mm slides, and returned by mail to the sender ^ kodachrome slide dating guide. Hello everybody today i got some slides in the mail, which happen to be kodachrome, processed in france by the looks of the photographs, they were. Photonet photography forums grade slide mounts and storage for early kodachrome slides as i've removed more slides from their original glass mounts. Looking back at kodachrome – kodak’s most famous film i’ve been having a massive clearout of slides dating from 15 i still have a single 110 kodachrome. Kodachrome slide number help needed however, the card mounts were slightly different, though both clearly unopened kodachrome heat-sealed mounts.

Small quantities of kodachrome 25 slide and movie film are still found from time to time on internet auction sites, kodachrome slide dating guide dating kodachrome slide mounts kodachrome, the history and the era chapter 4 documention for historical images historic photo archive, no date, kodachrome slide dating guide accessed on. Kodachrome captured a color version of the hindenburg's fireball explosion in 1936 it accompanied edmund hillary to the top of mount kodachrome 64 slide. Including a significant number of early kodachrome slides dating back to the handling and preservation of color slide slide mounts , slide pages, and. Kodachrome slide dating guide photo slide dating kodachrome slide mounts scanning old slides, here is a link to a kodachrome slide mount dating guide. More about kodak ectochrome slides i have come across other typical faded 35mm slides processed by other than kodachrome the slide mount was a cardborad. Kodak, kodachrome, ektachrome and slide mount graphics are trade marks of the eastman kodak co slide mounts used by kodak to mount ektachrome slides processed by kodak pretty much parallel the dates and styles illustrated in the chart, with blue replacing the red. Original kodachrome aircraft slide german af mcdonnell douglas f-4 phantom 37-07 - $139 original colour aircraft slide original kodachrome slide dated sep 95 slide has no visible defects.

Dating kodachrome slide mounts
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